Y8 - Y11

Welcome to our club Y8-Y11 page.

If you have just started to play netball for your secondary school team and would like to become better, want to play more matches or have never played before and want to start, why not come along and join us.  Please use the contact form to get in touch with us and we look forward to meeting you and your daughter.

TRAINING - from September 2019

Training takes place on Thursday evenings Y8 & Y9 18:00-19:30 and Y10 & Y11 19:30-21:00 indoors at Hazeley Academy. 

Lead Coach: Anita, Support coaches: Melina, Richard, Kaysha, LouiseA, Nancy

  • Y8          WHIRLWINDS:  Benham U14 League:               U14 RESULTS
  • Y9          TSUNAMI:         Benham U14 League:               U14 RESULTS
  • Y10/11   STORM:             Benham U16 League:               U16 RESULTS
  • Y10/11   THUNDER:        MKINL Adult League Div 3:      THUNDER RESULTS