​Club Safeguarding

At MK Netters we take the safeguarding of our members very seriously and have members of our committee specifically responsible for this area. We have a lead Safeguarding officer at the club - Lucy Simms who will also work with Hayley Yeomanson- they will be fulfilling the following role:

Who will They work with?
Main Club committee
Junior members of the club and their parents

What will They do?
Policy and Procedures
To provide information and advice on safeguarding and protecting children within the Club and promote a child focused approach
To ensure that the Club adopts and follows the England Netball (EN) Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and Procedures
To ensure that all club members are made aware of and clearly informed about the role of the Safeguarding Officer and know how to contact them for advice, support and resources.
To promote awareness of the EN Codes of Conduct and to support the implementation of safe recruitment and induction procedures within the club

To receive information from Club staff, volunteers, children or parents and carers who have any concerns relating to the welfare of children and young people and to maintain appropriate records.
To clarify any information received carefully, ensuring that this is referred on promptly to enable assessment to be undertaken, and support offered, by the EN Lead Child Protection Officer
To follow the EN Responding and Reporting Concerns flow chart.
To ensure that the referral is confirmed in writing using the EN Safeguarding and Protecting Children Report Form.

Education and Training
To advise the club on appropriate training for coaches and volunteers based on the EN recommended training requirements.
To signpost those with roles and responsibilities for children and young people to appropriate safeguarding training opportunities.

 If you would like to contact our Safeguarding Officer please use the form below and she will be in touch shortly.